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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mitigation of energy crisis due to high petroleum prices – Renewable energy sources are the answer:

Mitigation of energy crisis due to high petroleum prices – Renewable energy sources are the answer:

A. Harnessing renewable alternative energy of all form is the ideal way to tackle the energy crisis that looms large over the world. The success of energy management lies in the right mix of renewable energy from various sources. In general, there is lack of awareness on sustainable energy in almost all the countries.

B. Because of the present energy crisis experienced by most of the countries due to high petroleum prices, the Government funding for alternative energy is more likely to increase, so too are incentives for oil exploration. In response to mitigate an energy crisis of the present form, it is advisable to follow the principles of green energy by every country. This promotes sustainable living movements among people. The increasing interest in alternate power / fuel research such as fuel cell technology, hydrogen fuel, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy and fusion power has to be initiated.

To date, only hydroelectricity and nuclear power have been significant alternatives to fossil fuel. Hydrogen gas is currently produced at a net energy loss from natural gas, which is also experiencing declining production in many countries. The technology for cost effective / cheap generation of hydrogen from water has to be developed fast, so that hydrogen can be utilized as proven energy source / fuel. In fact, renewable energy development has to keep pace with rising global energy demand.

C. In order to end addiction to oil / petroleum and combat global warming, we must focus on real solutions like increasing the energy efficiency of our homes, increasing vehicle fuel efficiency and increasing our sources of clean, renewable energy. We should think of moving to 100 percent energy from renewable sources by end of next decade or so; and for that purpose our and Government’s whole hearted efforts have to be oriented. Our policy, research, strategy etc., have to be achieving towards that goal.

D. One of the most advanced European industrial nations, Germany, is advancing with resolve in a transition to 100 percent energy from renewable resources by 2020. The German government accepts that the goal is technically and economically possible, and has adopted a long-term national policy for the transition. Germany’s most urgent conclusion is that the period lasting until about 2020 comprises “make-or-break” years for the renewable energy transition. It is this conviction that has driven German policymakers to introduce the world’s most aggressive support for renewable energy, to stick with it during the past decade and to guarantee that support for the next 20 to 30 years.


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