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Friday, February 1, 2008

Community initiatives on protection of environment

Community initiatives on protection of environment:

Most of our cities are not planned properly in terms of Protection of Environment. With structures mushrooming everywhere, noisy industries coming up, bars and even discotheques in residential areas; how environment can be protected well. This results in poor waste disposal system in the cities, dumping & littering and plastics are strewn allover – posing great health hazard. Protection of environment of our surrounding / city is every citizen’s prime job. Every one has a role to play. No one should litter and plastics should be disposed of correctly – preferably for recycling. Also non-profits and the public sector should work hand in hand to protect and also educate the community on protection of surrounding and city environment. The youth too should take the initiative through their schoolwork and club awareness. This programme can be started through planting trees. Educating the public and just holding cleaning exercises from time to time.

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