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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Planned city development emphasizes value of environment and heritage:

Transformation of rapid urbanization in developing world due to industrialization has necessitated to the planned city development. In general, the planned city development include environmental sustainability, heritage conservation, appropriate technology, infrastructure efficiency, place making, "social access," transit oriented development, regional integration, human scale, and institutional integrity. Some of these points are discussed below:

Balance with nature: Balance with nature emphasizes the distinction between utilizing resources and exploiting them. It focuses on the thresholds beyond which deforestation, soil erosion, aquifer depletion, siltation and flooding. The principle promotes environmental assessments to identify fragile zones, threatened eco-systems and habitats that can be enhanced through conservation, density control, land use planning and open space design. Balance with nature do not support any act against nature, which include cutting of hillside trees, quarrying on slopes, dumping sewage and industrial waste into the natural drainage system, paving and plinthing excessively, and construction on steep slopes.

Balance with tradition: Balance with tradition integrate plan interventions with existing cultural assets, respecting traditional practices and precedents of style. It calls for respect for the cultural heritage of a place. It also promotes architectural styles and motifs designed to communicate cultural values. Aesthetic sense of the area should be maintained.

Appropriate Technology: Appropriate technology emphasizes the employment of building materials, construction techniques, infrastructural systems and project management which are consistent with local contexts.

Cordiality: It is well known that, vibrant societies are interactive, socially engaging and offer their members numerous opportunities for gathering and meeting one another. Therefore modern society calls for cordiality among everybody. Design should follow promotion of interactive behaviour of society. It leads to creation of places of solitude for individual; spaces for “beautiful, intimate friendship” where unfettered dialogue can happen; place where the individual socializes into a personality; creation of city level domains like plazas, parks, stadium, transport hubs, gallerias etc.

Efficiency: The principle of efficiency promotes a balance between the consumption of resources such as energy, time and fiscal resources, with planned achievements in comfort, safety, security, access, tenure, and hygiene. It encourages optimum sharing of public land, roads, facilities, services and infrastructural networks reducing per household costs, while increasing affordability, access and civic viability.


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