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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some of the ways to promote waste reduction:

Some of the ways to promote waste reduction:

Below are given some suggestions in order to promote for waste reduction. Changes of some policy decision by the authorities may also necessary for smooth operation of the waste reduction and recycling programme.

1. Promote educational campaigns for (a) environmental and societal benefits of waste reduction and recycling (b) composting options (c) reducing the stigma attaching to waste work.

2. Study waste streams (quantity and composition analyses); recovery/recycling systems; markets for recyclables, and problems of existing practices to decide where there may be a facilitative/regulatory role for the municipal authority.

3. Promote and support source separation, recovery and trading networks of wastes, including NGO projects.

4. Facilitate small enterprises and private-public partnerships by: new or amended regulations for co-operatives, loans to businesses, amendment of counter-productive zoning and tax regulations, enable space for sorting and trading depots, etc.

5. Reduce harassment of itinerant buyers, pickers and waste dealers by police. Assist waste pickers to move out of manual picking through retraining programs or subsidization of sorting/redemption centers.

6. After consulting the major stakeholders, advocate, if feasible, selective waste minimization legislation. Pressure national levels for packaging reduction, product redesign, and coding of plastics.

7. Examine the needs of near-urban farmers for organic matter and support safe waste reuse in urban agriculture; reduce or remove high subsidies of chemical fertilizers.

8. Encourage export of recyclables if there is an economic demand in nearby countries and non-toxicity is assured; remove tax barriers to such trading.

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