Wind Power

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Your few following small steps and effective decisions in everyday life would be a big leap in helping us to improve global environment.

  1. Make energy efficient and conservation wise decisions in every sphere of life.
  2. While driving motor vehicle, turn off the engine if waiting is longer. More fuel is wasted when idling than restarting. Be alert in traffic. Try to take alternate routes which have few signals to eliminate idling.
  3. Warm-up the motor vehicle for one minute before moving. Accelerate gently and evenly and use your cruise control to maintain a steady speed.
  4. Use motor vehicle's flow through vents instead of air conditioning (which decreases fuel efficiency by 21%) or by opening window.
  5. Keep car engine tuned. A poorly tuned car wastes 15% more fuel. More fuel, means more pollution and travel fewer miles.
  6. Properly inflate & align tires to save fuel & to reduce wear on tires over time.
  7. Reduce the amount of miles you drive. Fewer distance driven, fewer polluting emissions created. Walk or ride a bike!
  8. Use fuel efficient automobiles. Follow state guidelines on emissions testing & maintain any pollution-control devices.
  9. Use public transportation when available.
  10. Conserve electricity, including turning off lights when not in use.
  11. Participate in recycling programs. Recycling conserves energy and also conserves natural resources.

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